Product/Process Launch, Control and Re-engineering

  • Layouts for optimal product routing or new/existing facilities (CAD and/or simulation software) enhancing space optimisation.
  • Implement Group Technology or Just-in-Time (JIT)
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Minimising work in progress (WIP)
  • Efficiency and cost analysis
  • Stores and materials management
  • Optimal Plant Availability
  • Use of six sigma tools

Occupational Safety and Health Services

We prepare Safety Statements for our Clients. This service can be further extended by developing safety management systems meeting the requirements of the 45001: 2018 standard.  We can offer the Paradigm 3 software customisation features to integrate risk management methods and assessment techniques. See Paradigm software page.

System Modelling & Graphical Simulation

Modelling and simulation software as a decision support tool to:

  • Reduce expense of equipment installation and plant services
  • Provide good quality information for cost-effective decision making
  • View system logistically as a whole integrated unit
  • Identify potential bottlenecks in volume assemblies
  • Improve system design
  • Introduce options for prototyping and reduce cost of changes

Factory floor layout modelling where each operation can be 3D graphically simulated for process routing, space utilisation, the creation of manufacturing cells, addition/removal of equipment etc.