Ciscom Technology secure ISO 22301: 2012 certification

We have assisted our long-time client, Ciscom Technology, with the preparation of their business continuity management system for ISO 22301: 2012 that has just achieved certification by the NSAI (National Standard Authority of Ireland). This standard is not a common standard used in Ireland.  It is more popular in the UK and Europe where state bodies and corporates require certification by contractors, for the awarding of long term maintenance type contracts for infrastructure.

The management system prepared had to integrate and work favourably with Ciscom Technology’s other integrated management system, these being ISO 9001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007. It is worth noting that the ISO 22301 standard utilises Annex SL too, the high level structure adopted by many of the newer published standards e.g. IS0 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, etc.  One of the prime purposes of ISO 22301 standard is to direct management to identifying threats to the business, the associated level of disruption from these threats and the resultant reputational damage when a customer is affected by an adverse incident.  The starting point is for a thorough and realistic impact risk assessment to be conducted, from this, robust preventive and recovery contingency plans are put in place. These should then be appropriately tested at prescribed intervals.

T. O’Hare & Associates would like to congratulate Ciscom Technology’s management and personnel for their strong commitment to taking a reasoned, methodical and co-operative approach to this project.  Business continuity certification will enhance the company’s resilience, reputation and build confidence and trust with their customers and shareholders.  They are indeed planning for the long-term!