SQCpack 2000 combines powerful SPC techniques with flexibility and ease of use. Use it to convert your raw data into meaningful information. SQCpack’s many benefits include:

  • Filtering allows you to to query on user-defined identifiers
  • Multiple characteristics editing saves time in data entry
  • Extensive cause and note fields to record detailed information
  • Choice lists for causes and identifiers provide consistency
  • Multiple identifiers to record information for each sample
  • Use chart paste to paste SQCpack charts into other applications
  • Chart Board keeps frequently used charts on a bulletin board
  • Preferences allows you to create customised charts
  • Quick Start allows you to edit data with no prior setup
  • User-selected out-of-control tests offer SQCpack, AIAG, AT&T etc.
  • Easy ASCII import with auto import
  • Auto Chart can chart data on the Windows clipboard


Charting Capabilities

  • X-bar
  • Individuals (X)
  • Range
  • Moving Range (MR)
  • Sigma
  • Median
  • Run chart
  • Out-of-control testv
  • Histogram including normal and non-normal distributions
  • Capability statistics including Cpk, Cp, Cr, PpK, Pp, Pr, Ppm, Cpm, Dpm, – normal and non-normal analysis
  • p- , np-, c- and u-charts
  • Pareto – costs, counts or both


Licences & Versions

SQCpack runs in a Windows environment. The network version allows concurrent users in any increment. It is easy to install and administer. An affordable site licence version is available. For further information visit the SQCpack website.


Order an evaluation CD ROM  or for further information on the SQCpack presence in Ireland contact info@toh.ie. Otherwise for product and worldwide information visit the SQCpack web site.